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Capital Connect

The Nepal and Pakistan vACC in partnership with PIA Virtual would like to invite you to fly from the mountainous city of Kathmandu and along the edge of the Himalayas to Islamabad on the 17th of December. Break your plane out of its hangar and fly it between these two capital cities and enjoy the friendly…
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Cross the Siliguri Corridor

Come and join the Nepal and Bangladesh vACCs for a spectacular flight between Dhaka and Kathmandu. The journey out of Kathmandu will have you winding between the peaks of the Himalayas and over the world’s largest delta as you make your way towards Dhaka. VGHS Charts: VNKT Charts:

Cross the Himalayas

Fly with the Nepal vACC and VATPRC from Kathmandu to Lhasa, over some of the world’s highest mountains. Experience flying the challenging departure out of Kathmandu, past Mt Everest, over the deepest valley in Nepal, and into one of the world’s highest airports. In other words, this flight will have spectacular scenery the entire way,…
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Kathmandu Flyby

AMENDED TIME 8z – 11z Dust the cobwebs off your favourite VFR aircraft and bring it into Kathmandu for an event purely focused on VFR flying. Whether you’re into flying around the circuit or want to have an adventure through the mountains, the Kathmandu area has something for you. Kathmandu Charts: Page 25 &…
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Kathmandu Saturdays

Have you ever visited the mountainous city of Kathmandu? Situated in the heart of Nepal, Kathmandu is known for its stunning departures where you will loop back over the airport before heading off to your destination. If you’re into IFR, fly from the famous Paro Airport (VQPR) and do the RNAV approach into Kathmandu, winding…
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Race to the Plain

Racing to your plane? Why not race your planes down the valleys and through the dew to the Terai plain. Join the Nepal VACC on the 18th of September for the ‘Race to the Plain’ event. Break out your favourite GA aircraft and fly between VNNG and VNKT. Charts for VNNG: More details and…
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