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Nepal vACC Discord Released

Hi Everyone, Nepal vACC is proud to announce its official Discord server where all the announcement and events will be posted.

Visit Nepal 2021 [3rd-Feb-2021,13:00z-15:00z]

Nepal vACC is happy to announce CPT Event [Visit Nepal 2021] on 3rd of February 2021 13:00z-15:00z. Nepal vACC would like to welcome all of you to join and Help [ACCNPL2] Resh Bikram Bhattarai to earn his S3 Rating on VNKT_APP. Kathmandu In/out Event time: 1300zulu -1500zulu

ACCNPL2- Deputy Director Appointed

Please join me in congratulating Resh Bikram Bhattarai on his appointment as ACCNPL2 – Deputy Director Nepal vACC. Resham has been actively participating in revival of Nepal vACC and ambitious to boost the activity on the Vatsim network. Resham , welcome aboard and congratulations on your new role!