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Swagatam China

Have You Ever Flown the most Famous route VNKT-ZUUU\ZUUU-VNKT? If not it’s your opportunity to Fly online with VATSIM in the event “Swagatam China” hosted by VATSIM Nepal vACC & VATPRC. Choose your route between VNKT-ZUUU OR ZUUU-VNKT and enjoy the event! ZUUU Charts & Scenery [VATPRC-Pilot Center] (Needs login via VATSIM Connect) – VNKT…
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Kathmandu VNKT In/Out

Ever Visited the Country of MT. Everest? If not get ready to do an In/Out, Flight from the Captial City of Nepal i.e. Kathmandu. Fly any route from/To VNKT – Tribhuwan International Airport and Enjoy the beautiful scenery of MT. Everest In-route Date: 9th April 2021 TimeStarting: 14:00zEnding: 16:00z HQ LinkATC BookingFlight Booking

Swagatam India

Nepal vACC, in collaboration with India vACC, is proud to present you with another exciting event, Swagatam India. Fly from Kathmandu VNKT to Delhi VIDP and expect top-down ATC coverage!   Time : 14:00z- 16:00z Suggested Event Routes Departure Arrival Route VNKT VIDP NARAN B345 LKN R594 JAL

Swagatam Bhutan

Nepal vACC presents you a wonderful event Swagatam Bhutan! Fly between the difficult approach of Kathmandu and Paro and also you can get a beautiful view of Mt.Everest in-route. Choose your favourite route from VQPR-VNKT or VNKT-VQPRTime: 13:30z-15:30z on 19th of Feb, 2021. And also there will be a C1 CPT for Bikesh Devkota,Fly In/out…
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Swagatam Nepal

Nepal vACC in collaboration with India vACC presents you event Swagatam Nepal!! Bring your favourite aircraft and fly choose your route from VNKT-VIDP or VIDP-VNKT with some hard-working ATC waiting for you to provide you with some awesome ATC services. & You can also help [ACCNPL1] Bikesh Devkota to earn his C1 ratings on VNSM_CTR…
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Visit Nepal 2021 [3rd-Feb-2021,13:00z-15:00z]

Nepal vACC is happy to announce CPT Event [Visit Nepal 2021] on 3rd of February 2021 13:00z-15:00z. Nepal vACC would like to welcome all of you to join and Help [ACCNPL2] Resh Bikram Bhattarai to earn his S3 Rating on VNKT_APP. Kathmandu In/out Event time: 1300zulu -1500zulu

Ayubowan Nepal.

We are back with another amazing event organized by SRM vACC (Sri Lanka & Maldives) in collaboration with Nepal vACC is proud to present “Ayubowan Nepal”. On the Evening of the Friday 15th of January 2021 From 1130Z, Colombo and Kathmandu sector will be online and enjoy ATC all the way to Kathmandu. Route: VCBI…
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